Peak Gear

Lifestyle Travel Gear Brand

Peak Gear is a travel-ready lifestyle brand providing everything from duffle bags and tsa-friendly containers to neck wallets and money belts. It’s gear for life to help you get in Gear For Life.

Travel-ready products that work... & go on vacation.

The photography, graphics and Amazon listings we created were against the industry grain: the photos are authentic, the layouts breath space, the product photography is both sharp, soft and highly accurate. Our work stands apart and so do the product reviews.

Lifestyle Photography

Information Design

People are accustomed to scrolling through strictly white background images on Amazon. Every info-related gallery slide has to instantly be understandable or risk producing anxiety.

Bottom line: Say it visually, remove the irrelevant. 

Gear that won’t break on you or your bank. Affordable, quality & performance-centric materials. It’s a brand built around comfort & precision. The font “Questrial” embodies this with a round yet clean makeup that communicates friendly simplicity. Sharp, power icons and rounded photo windows are complemented by easy to read graphics and boiled down feature slides. 

Product Photography

Ecommerce photography for Peak Gear’s travel-ready product offerings required a clear communication of specific features: premium construction fabrics, water resilience, magnetic clasps, YKK zippers and adjustable buckles.

Accurate colors, graphic continuity and clear, concise copy made these travel-centric products easy to explore. Accurate expectations lead to satisfied reviews.