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Amazon wants people clicking “sponsored products” not filtering products by “Best Sellers” – that’s why they don’t offer the ability to search or filter by them.


As an Amazon content creator and shopper, we found ourselves always going to Google for the link to Amazon’s Best Seller pages.

The Solve makes Amazon’s Best Seller Pages searchable by search phrases/queries. Just type in an Amazon Product Department & get instant links to the 100 most-bought products in that department. 

Business Model

The best part is that anyone can use it for free and if they purchase something, we get an Amazon affiliate commission (for sending someone to their site) at no cost to the customer.”


Choose Better & Find Something You Love.
  • Save time by reading less reviews and “sponsored” blog posts.
  • Support companies that make product great enough to reach best-seller status.
  • Combat planned-obsolesence and reduce waste added to landfills by poor products.



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