Michael Luis Diaz

Inventor, designer, and creative director based in Orlando, Florida. 

+1 954-254-5202
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Some of my favorite superhumans are my parents, Wim Hof, Stan Lee, & Bell Hooks. Lately, I’ve been listening to this and am reading Peace River & Other Treasure Stories. When I’m not helping brands find their way, I’m drawing or building wood stuff or foraging bananas from a local forest. I also run SBS & Knuckies.
Past Work

Amazon, Lolea, Chiquita, MLB, NBA, 1800, Beaux Arts, Avalon Exchange, Rip-It, The Alfond Inn, Tech Armor, Pop Design, Buddyphones, Zens, FuseReel, Peak Gear

Search Best Sellers

An activation for indexed products, highly-reviewed & ranked by quantity of purchases - Search Best Sellers is a space for data to drive informed, objective and responsible decisions about purchasing products; functional, frivolous or otherwise - reflecting our intent to reduce reactive spending, strengthen the family unit and encourage long-term product ownership. 

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︎︎︎Product Design


Your “brand” is not your logo, ecosystem, slogan, hashtag, or assets. Your brand is the residual emotion and narrative felt by consumers after letting you into their homes & hearts. Make it count.

︎︎︎Identity Design


We directed the product development and launch for Knuckies. Beta testing with 100+ core users led to an assembly-free design manufactured and sold by Shapeways.

Over 80 prototypes, 9 unique models, ecommerce, video, photography, and illustrations.

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︎︎︎Product Design

Old Familiar

Reverence, curiosity, perspective. Fueled by an appreciation for the scale of nature and recognition of our dependence on it. Old Familiar is a audio production house in the heart of Orlando, FL driven to engage individuals through the medium of sound. An expression of our ancient connection to the rhythms of life.